UkrainSKA Ц is a new project of MAD HEADS XL with the set list consisting of Ukrainian folk songs. The well acquainted tunes will appear  in renewed and sometimes unexpected approach, less known ones will get  a chance not to be forgotten. Positive mood and reckless concert drive Ц the very best of MAD HEADS XL now in the folk songs.


The song is the soul of the nation. As long as the folk songs stay alive, Ukraine lives on. We move to big cities, get seduced by the values of the global world, fall in love with foreign cultures. Yet while the folk song is sung, we are not finally lost, we keep the connection with the spirit of our land. True, it is sounds less often these days, as the authentic singing and archaic instruments are not very well fitting the everyday life in the modern reality. To make the folk song the element of daily occurence, it has to be developed in the forms of popular music. This is the main mission for UkrainSKA project.


Certainly, to be responsible for all popular music is a bit too much for one band. UkrainSKA are the folk songs in MAD HEADS XL style, the sound based on modern ska punk with no definite limitations. The band is long known for itТs versions of such songs as УSmerekaФ, УDva dubkyФ, УOi na gori cygany stoyalyФ and that is basically the mood of the new project. More generally, it is folk songs in the form of modern rock music. The second task for the project is to make rock music more popular in Ukraine. The third one is to help the Ukrainian melody getting into the world culture, where it should occupy the decent place it truly deserves.


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